fgmk is packed as a regular Python project, in the Python Package Indexer.

As such, installation is fairly easy, and easier if you already have Python installed.

From Source Installation

Clone this repository, meet the dependencies and install this with pip3.

git clone
cd fgmk
pip3 install .

Running from source

Clone this repository, meet the dependencies and type python3 -m fgmk

git clone
cd fgmk
python3 -m fgmk


This tool is written using Python 3. Needs pillow, numpy and PyQt5 - you can apt install python3-pyqt5 and similar (in Ubuntu) or use pip.

If you satisfy all dependencies you don’t need to install, and can run from source.

*Experimental compatibility to python2* (2.7 and on) is added to versions above 0.3.0 . Note that Python 2.7 pip doesn’t provide an easy way to install PyQt5 so you will have to install it on your own - if you are in Ubuntu, use sudo apt install python-pyqt5